The color of paper package

Tone is the total tendency and mood of the color’s configuration in the picture, it’s the main one in the whole set of color and accounts for the absolute printing technology advantage in the picture.

The packaging conveys the product’s information and is required to attract the attention instantly on the shelf from a distance. So a tone with strong overall sense is necessary to match the printing market. Therefore, tone is the key issue of packaging color design.

The color design is required to be consistent with the product’s main function, for example, red tones or orange tones are advisable for gift packaging, and cool colors are more suitable for cold drink. Moreover, color design should match with the times, the favors and the taboos of different districts or different nations, it should adapt to the changes and the trends of the times.

For example, green is the favorite color in the Islamic districts but yellow is prohibited.

White is considered as exalted by Tibetan but light yellow and green is prohibited.

Yellow, purple, red and blue are the most favorite colors of Manchu but white is prohibited.

All of these traditional customs should be considered fully in color design to make the product more popular, as for the exported goods, the packaging design should respect the traditional printing market of other countries or other nations.

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