The shake covers folding endurance and corrugated packaging boxes

The quality control of base paper:
It is necessary to choose the surface paper and inner paper in good quality. Paper’s level should be up to level C, proved by the experiment, this kind of paper has good folding endurance and does not crack. In addition, high strength corrugated base paper should be used as core paper. The low grade base paper made of rough pulp should be avoided to use for producing corrugated paper, because this kind of corrugated paper will break the surface paper in shake cover test.

The moisture control of base paper and base paper board:
If the paper or paper board is too dry, the shake cover’s fold line will break easily, and this is also the main cause of this problem. The national standards GB3023-91, GB13024-91 specify that the water ratio of corrugated base paper and base paper board is around 8%-10% respectively. Of course, it should be controlled according to the paper’s quality and the equipment’s situation in practical operation. If the paper’s quality is high enough, its water ratio can be a little lower; but if the paper’s quality is low, the water ratio is required to be higher. According to the national standard GB6544-86, the water ratio of corrugated paper is set to be 14% and this is the data when the paper leaves the machine. The corrugated paper’s water ratio has direct relationship with the one of base paper. At the same time, it can be properly controlled by the duplex paper’s heating ( the steam pressure) and the machine’s speed.

The indentation control of the shake cover’s fold line:
First of all, the indentation has to be pressed thoroughly and this means to press without any gaps. For example, the indentation of 5 layers paper board is usually 2mm thick, not only the convex wheel’s top is required to be pressed thoroughly, but also the sides should be done in this way. In this way, the part out of the fold line will form a flat surface when the shake cover is folded outside exactly, and it will not crack easily. Furthermore, the indentation’s form depends on the condition of the slitting machine’s line pressing roll. The technical condition of the line pressing roll differs according to the paper layer ( it is different between 3 layers, 5 layers and 7 layers),  and the gaps between the concave wheels and convex wheels have to remain the same. Otherwise it won’t be certain to keep all the indentations properly right, the indentations pressed lightly may cause crack when fold the shake cover and to press over heavily will break the press lines.

To shake and fold
Folding the shake cover artificially to both sides for one or two times when the paper board leave the machine will enhance the shake cover’s folding endurance, and this will make the carton’s shake cover more durable and won’t crack even used for a long time.

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