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The most promising green packaging
Paper, plastic, metal and glass are the four pillars of modern packaging and paper has developed the fastest. Paper and plastic have been used widely in daily life because of their numerous advantages. They are cheap and their raw material comes from a wide range. These two materials differ from glass, they are more durable. Besides, they don’t like the iron, they are more portable.

WHO and the domestic environmental protection experts all consider that the plastic food packaging will be forbidden to use gradually all around the world and the environment friendly packaging will take the place.  The environment friendly paper bags are non-toxic and harmless, they will be used as the main packaging in the future. Paper products are easy to decay, they can be recycled to reproduce paper or vegetable fertilizer.

In China, the inner packaging are made of plastic for many products such as food, medicine, glass container, equipment, machinery, electronic, light industries and so on. The COSTINE’s technical development department developed the production technology and the complete sets of production lines for imitation plastic packaging material by recycling waste paper. This kind of imitation plastic packaging material has good permeability, good flexibility, and is very strong and tenacious as well. Because it is non-toxic, pollution-free and cheap and its raw material is abundant, it is used widely as the inner packaging for all kinds of products.

Compared with plastic, metal and glass, through the quantitative evaluation, paper will become one of the most promising green packaging materials.

To recycle the paper packaging waste and to prevent the environmental pollution
Paper carton, paper bag, paper barrel and paper pulp molded product became the main components of modern packaging industry. Paper packaging is light, easy to process and cheap, its waste can be recycled easily, so it is used widely for transport package and system package.

The output of paper and board has increased year by year. In China, the output of packaging paper and packaging paper board account for more than 50% of the total output of paper and board. Actually, the per-capital consumption of paper has become an important sign of measuring a country’s level of economic development and the degree of civilization of society.

A large amount of paper and board has been used for packaging every year and this also causes a lot of waste of paper packaging. No matter for the environment or the resource utilization, how to make use of this kind of waste has attracted more and more attention. There are some meanings of recycling the paper packaging waste as below:
Recycling the paper packaging waste can reduce the resource consumption of natural fiber raw material and can also deal with the problem of packaging resource shortage. It will save a large amount of packaging material and energy at the same time.
Recycling the paper packaging waste will reduce the production cost, this will make greater social benefit and economic benefit.
It is an important measure to reduce packaging pollution and to protect the environment. Paper packaging production and the waste of paper packaging pollute the environment usually and is harm for the society. Recycling the waste of paper packaging is a basic principle and important measure to prevent the environment pollution, it is the most positive and efficient method to deal with the problem of packaging pollution. Besides, it can deal with the problem of resource shortage as well.

It is worthy to actively develop the recycling of paper packaging waste and to strengthen the establishment of the recycling network. It is also necessary to formulate the policies of resource, environmental protection and price and to make quantitative evaluation with LCA technology so as to find a better way to improve the environment.

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