The subsequent procedure of paper packaging process

The sticking back technology is to paper the surface paper and sticking back paper together with adhesive at a certain temperature.

Gold and silver card paper (board) has aluminized surface, because aluminum is amphoteric, it will make some chemical reaction when it meet acid or base at a certain temperature, and this will change the aluminum particles which show the golden or silvery gloss after refraction into another chemical, this reaction makes the card paper tarnish greatly and causes the printing to fade. So the adhesive for sticking back must be neutral, and the lamination temperature shouldn’t be too high.

Surface paper and sticking back paper have to be stored at the same temperature and humidity. The temperature is usually controlled between 18℃ ~ 25℃, the relative humidity is 55% ~ 65%. This will keep the paper’s water ratio at a certain degree and control the paper deformation to a minimum. With all of these, the printing sites and the machining environment will remain stable and will make the sticking back process goes on smoothly. Otherwise, the paper’s deformation amount will be very different, and the paper posted back may become uneven, wrinkle, bubble or crack, that will affect the printing’s quality and may even cause scrap.

Belling is usually required by the clients to strengthen the product’s three-dimensional sense. It can emphasize the inner contents, make the products more striking and even can create a soaring visual effect. The product’s title on the packaging box is usually belling processed then is die cut and form. The packaging box is available for product packing after papered. It is better to separate every ten packaging boxes with paper to avoid the damage of the frosted surface during the transportation and keep the appearance unchanged.

Imitation metal etching has become an ideal packaging choice for high-quality products for its numerous advantages, such as its strong metal three-dimensional sense, the bright color, rich layers, exquisite quality, good glossiness, etc.

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