Sorts and function of paper products

The sorts of paper products: paper product, the printing of paper products, the packaging machinery of paper products, the processing of paper products, the packaging of paper products.

The paper packaging products mainly include paper cartons, paper boxes, paper bags, etc.

Other paper packaging: flat indentation boxes, computer paper products, transparent paper tape packaging, refrigerators, transportation packaging, fertilizer bags, water coated sticky paper tape, wood pulp, color printing paper, cigarette paper, paper packaging material, paper-plastic packaging products, calcium-plastic board lining, silk packaging, boxes with covers, injection boxes, medicine packaging, tarred paper, cotton paper, iron lock packaging, sodium silicate, linen packaging products, plastic wrappers, inside matching products, garment layer boards, Kraft paper bags.

Color packaging products: color packaging boxes, corrugated color packaging, paper-plastic color packaging boxes.

Paper packaging box promotes, makes the product look more beautiful and improves the product’s competitiveness by its exquisite appearance. Because its shape and structure has to be designed according to the product’s appearance, it has various types, such as rectangle, square, polygon, heterotype, cylinder and so on. However the producing procedures are the same, which is material choosing, icon designing,  mould making, stamping and forming.

Paper packaging boxes: medicine packaging boxes, silk packaging boxes, color gift packaging boxes, house shaped milk packaging boxes, and paper-plastic color packaging boxes.

Sorted by the brim, bottom and the way of back covering: open mouth and bottom joint bags, open mouth and angle bottom joint bags, valve stitching bags, valve stitching hexagonal bottom joint flat bags. It is necessary to choose the bag according to the product’s character, and the bags for products like cement and fertilizer packaging should be made of Kraft Paper with 4 layers.

Other paper bags: cement bags, feed bags, wax paper bags, fertilizer bags, laminating bags, four layers paper bags, medicine bags.

Shopping bags include paper shopping bags with handles. Because the shopping bags require good strength and have to be printed processed, they are usually made of Kraft Paper and adding reinforcing ribs out of the handles, some are made of high quantitative coated art paper( also called offset printing paper), they are exquisite after color printing and decoration, and can be used for many times.

 Corrugated cartons: Corrugated cartons are made by corrugated paper boards, the boards are die cut, impressed, joint with nails or adhesive and finally formed as a carton. Corrugated cartons are used the most widely and the consumption has always taken the first place among all the packaging products and this also includes calcium-plastic corrugated cartons.

Coated art paper: Coated art paper has good surface properties and good printing properties. It is produced by painting the specific coating made of pigment, adhesive and auxiliary material on the paper board. And after drying and press polish, the coating forms a bright, clean and dense film which gives the coated paper all the good properties mentioned above. Coated art paper is usually used to make cigarette boxes, tags, paper boxes and so on.

Offset paper: single sided offset paper is the main type of it. Its surface is white and smooth, but the whiteness, compactness and the smoothness is worse than coated art paper. The offset paper which is super press polished has better smoothness and compactness than the simple one. It can be made into paper boxes by papering with the yellow board after printed with letters or pictures on it.

Label paper: it is white and smooth and has good printing properties. It is used to make the trademark labels.

Corrugated paper: It is pressed to be corrugated shape and is made into corrugated paper board. It gives the paper board the flexibility and the flat crush resistance, and it affects the vertical crush resistance of the paper board as well. In order to avoid the broken fault and enhance the product’s quality, the corrugated paper has to be smooth enough without the problems such as wrinkles, crash, holes and so on, and the thickness has to remain the same.

Sack paper: It is similar with kraft paper and mostly is made of needlebush sulfate pulp. In China, some is made of the pulp mixed by bamboo pulp, cotton stalk pulp and rag pulp. So the sack paper has excellent mechanical strength and is usually used to make the packaging of industrial products, such as cement, pesticides, fertilizer and so on. In order to meet the filling requirement, the sack paper should have certain air permeability and great elongation.

Glass paper: It is widely used as inner paper and packaging paper for decoration. It is transparent and makes the products show clearly. The plastic paint on its surface give it the properties of water-proof, damp proof, air proof, the ability to be hot sealed and so on and can protect the products excellently. Compared with the simple plastic film, it is static free, dust proof and is easy to twist. Glass paper is made in white or in other colors.

White board: It is divided into duplex paper board and single sided paper board. Duplex paper is usually used for the packaging of the up-market products. Most of the simple paper boxes are made of single sided white paper board, such as the packaging boxes of cigarette, cosmetics, medicine, food, stationary and so on.

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