Cosmetic box design of the overall solution

Packaging design concept and meaning as research object and service varies, broadly speaking, product packaging design for packaging three functions -- protection products, easy to use, to promote sales and the design activity. Design work should include product protection design ( such as cushioning packaging design, moisture and other functional packaging design ), structure and process design ( such as the collection of packaging, assembly packaging design ) and packaging product modeling design and decorating. In a narrow sense packaging design includes only the packaging structure, shape and decoration design of three main contents, but between the three is not a simple piling and together, but the mutual connection, interaction of organic combination.

In recent years, the packaging industry widely recognized the packing design is the product of the overall packaging solutions, generally including packaging characteristics and packaging requirements analysis, product circulation environment analysis, packaging design positioning, packaging materials and packaging forms of identification, product packaging, promotional packaging, packaging and sample making and evaluation product packaging technology and equipment etc. Thus, product packaging solution essentially includes a generalized the connotation of packaging design, but also relates to other content areas.

Cosmetic box design features

Packaging design features are mainly embodied in the practical, aesthetic, economic, originality and related aspects. The utility is the basic attribute of the design, the main consideration of the function of products and the role, through the packaging material, structure, shape and patterns to reflect. The function of commodity and function of different, on the packaging design and practical requirements are not the same. The aesthetic requirements of a variety of factors will combine to design with the characteristics of the times, national characteristics, aesthetic outstanding packaging product design. Economy is the least cost to obtain the maximum effect. Originality is to should be good at new in order to be different, and not from the society and the times, on the surface of the ordinary form with new creation. All of the above questions are independent and interrelated, to design the job to have important direct sense, to consider the requirements of design.

Cosmetic box design principle

Commodity packaging is mainly divided into transport packaging and marketing packaging two major categories. Sales of packaging and consumer meet directly and use of packaging. In addition to the use of performance, also have a strong artistic, its shape and structure design should be consistent with the" scientific, aesthetic, marketable " requirement. In the design should not only consider the structure of scientific and rational, even taking into account modeling, decoration of the beautiful. Excellent packaging design, structure design, not only can contain and protect the product, beautification commodity, promote the sale of goods, but also easy to carry, use, sale and transportation.

The design, it should meet the design requirements of cosmetic case, secondly should take into account the structure design, shape design and interior design, including structure design according to the packaged product characteristics, environmental factors and the requirements of the user. Rational design of carton box cover, the box bottom, bonding piece, dustproof piece etc.. Not only to meet the overall design principle, but also with modeling and decoration design requirements coordination; modeling and graphic design, from the aesthetic point of view, emphasizing packaging display display. In addition, the size and strength of carton design is an important part in the design, it not only affects the appearance of the product quality, but also related to the production and distribution costs.

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