Brief introduction of silk screen printing of paper boxes and cartons

Web rotary silk screen printing adopts nickel metal round screen plate, built-in doctor blade and automatic ink-supply system. The doctor blade transfers the ink from the screen plate to the printing stock supported by the impression cylinder.

The whole procedure including paper feeding, ink supplying, color register, UV drying and so on is automatically operated by the computer. The round screen plate is made of 100% nickel non-woven fiber material and is electrotyping forming to create the hexagon wire type holes. The whole plate is smooth and thin evenly to ensure the stability and elaboration of the prints.

This technology is suitable for printing at large format, its biggest speed is up to 125m/min, and the screen plate can be reused for 15 times. Therefore, the web rotary silk screen printing not only can meet the requirement of frosted printing, ice flowers and other special effects, but is also available for online hot stamping the holographic anti-counterfeit labels, belling, die-cutting and forming, and that makes automatic paper boxes production at high speed more easily.

The environment-friendly UV imitation metal etching screen printing ink is mainly made of oligomer (curable resin), reactive diluents (that is photosensitive cross-linking monomer), photopolymerization initiator and additives. The UV imitation metal etching screen printing ink solidifies quickly under the UV radiation to create the frosted effect on the printing.

The screen printing has been used more and more widely for the packaging of up-market cigarette and wine, food and so on because of its numerous advantages, such as the thick ink layers, the rich layers of the graphics, the great three-dimensional sense, the abundant printing material, etc. The cigarette packaging boxes printed with frosted effects, refraction, ice flowers, wrinkles and other special effects by using UV screen printing ink attract the customers deeply and significantly irrigate their purchase desire. The platen press silk screen printing has low printing speed, with this method, the ink solidifies slowly, and the printing quality is hard to control. It causes large consumption of the printing material, and can’t satisfy the mass production of cigarette boxes. The high-speed rotary press round screen printing can solve all of these problems. It has high printing speed, great productivity, stable printing quality, and low consumption. It has changed the traditional way of paper and ink supply of the platen press silk screen printing, which have been done all by hand before. It is suitable for the high-speed automatic mass production of exquisite folding boxes.

The photopolymerization initiator of the UV ink absorbs the photons with the certain wavelength under the UV radiation, is aroused to the excitation state to form free radicals or ions. And then through the energy transmission between the molecules, the macromolecules such as polymerized prepolymer, photosensitive monomer and so on are stimulated to the excitation state to create CT complex. The complex keeps on cross linking, solidifying and filming. The UV ink absorbs the photons of UV radiation selectively, and its drying can be affected by the total energy of the UV radiation and the distribution of the light energy with different wavelength.

UV ink should match with the UV light source properly. This is good to enhance the ink’s drying speed, to improve the productivity and the energy’s utilization rate and also can reduce the production cost.

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