The solutions of solving the wrinkles and streaks caused by panel press polish

To use another type of packaging box for press polish and remain the press polish parameter (such as calendering temperature, pressure, speed, etc.) unchanged, and as a result, the wrinkles and streaks haven’t shown up anymore.

Through the analysis, it is found out that the reason is out of the different quality of the paper board. The worse one will cause wrinkles and steaks after press polish. Wrinkles and streaks after polishing will cause the paper boards below quality and all the boards have to be scrapped, this will postpone the delivery and cause great loss of defective products. So to find the remedial measures to avoid all of these problems is necessary.

To polish the paper board for a second time before press polish, and then to heat the paper board on the calender under the same temperature as the one of press polish. The paper board is put on the steel belt of the outlet, and is transferred to the feed inlet when it is heat on the calender without pressure.

With this method, the paper board is press polished after the heat (that means the press polishing and the heating have both been increased for one more time), and this won’t cause wrinkles or streaks anymore.

BTW, most often, it is advisable to control the temperature of press polish within the range of 115℃ ~ 120℃, the pressure is 150~180kg/m2, and the speed is 6-10m/min. Of course, it is necessary to adjust according to the thickness of the paper board in practical operation. As for the paper board for press polish, the quality of the board is vital, more attention should be paid on choosing the right board, otherwise, the quality of press polish will not reach the requirement.

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