Brief introduction of corrugated packaging box and dots printing

In order to adapt to the economic development and enhance the products’ competiveness, many corrugated packaging boxes are printed with dot graphics to emphasize the products. This makes the packaging box look more beautiful and also makes the products look more up-market.

Graphics have strong expression and visual impact force, the design with graphics attracts the attention easily. The graphics printed with dots printing method are difficult to imitate, they are delectable and have excellent anti-fake property, abundant layering and strong stereoscopic impression.

It is vital to get the proper sketch to have the dots printing with high quality. As for the printing of corrugated packing boxes, over dense dots will cause blur of the graphics but if the dots are too sparse, the graphics’ details will be lost and change the printing effect, so it is necessary to operate accurately.

Graphics are divided into vector diagram and bitmap and the dots’ treatment is different. For the vector diagram, the density of the dots depends on the grayness, so it is important to control the grayness to reflect different layers. First to scan the graphic and then change it into gray scale model, later to edit it with the Color Halfone  function of PS’s Pixelate filter, in order to get the proper dot graphics, the dots’ size can be adjust by changing the data in color halfone window according to the graphic’s grayness.

After the treatment of vector diagram and bitmap, the negative film for plate copying will be provided by the output center. The key parameters depend on the output line number. The bigger is the line number, the more will the dots be created, so it is necessary to choose the proper line number for output. In practical operation of dot printing, the entire net effect can only be get when the gray graphic and the output line number of the vector diagram and the halftone treated graphic and the output line number of the bitmap are considered overall.

The dot graphics and the large-area colorful patterns should not be printed together. It is much easier to adjust the pressure and master the color if they are printed separately.

Plate making will be carried on after the design’s negative film is provided. The dycril plate is required to have strong hardness for dot printing, and the hardness is proper to be 45。-50。Shore A.  And the material’s low flexibility and slow recovery of deformation can ensure the good reproducibility of the dot graphics.

The dycril plate for dot printing of the same product packaging should be made at the same time and be finished once. Because making separately will cause different color deepness and change the printing effect. If the plate can’t be treated at a time, then back exposure, main exposure, developing, drying, viscose remove and subsequent processing time should be controlled severely to keep the data of every treatment remain the same so as to create the plates with the same effect.

It is also important to consider the anilox roller’s line number of the printing machine for dot printing. Choosing the proper roller will determine the printing’s success. Chromium-plated roller is the common version. With the wide use of the reversing blade and the promotion of the new high speed printing machine, anilox roller’s quick abrasion has become a main problem. Presently many enterprises have adopted the pottery ink roller which has good abrasion resistance and sharpness, and this is beneficial to dot printing.

If the full print and the dots exist in the same color, the full print’s thickness can be blocked up for 0.15-0.30mm to improve the plate pressure and the printing pressure. Dots usually enlarge at printing, so the operators have to adjust the pressure lightly as much as possible to control the expansion of the dots to a minimum. Besides, the adjustment data of the printing machine should be recorded in detail so as to track the same printing effect in the future.

The plate should be cleaned at once after printing to keep the dots from jam caused by the dry ink on the plate, so as to keep the plate in good condition.

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