The problems of the paper die cutting processing

Long time for plate change
It is necessary to prepare well before changing the plate. The core line should be used as the standard line so as to set the die cutting equipment more conveniently and accurately, including the full size die, the preassembled bottom slab, etc. Besides, to preassemble the equipment before installation and the machine’s fine tuning will further reduce the adjust time of duplicate products. With a good management system, the plate change time including the time of automatic waste clearing will be within 30 min.

The bad accuracy of stamping and die cutting
The clients have required the printing’s quality to be better and better nowadays, and the design of packaging boxes has become more and more complicated. The complicated versions require higher accuracy of die cutting. In order to remain the error range as ±0.15mm, using the eligible die-cutting machine is a must. Moreover, it is necessary to note the adjustment procedures, especially the time before the paper arrives at the feed paper.

The bad quality of die cutting and the over lint
The paper board with low quality such as the recycled paper board will make the die-cutting processing more difficult. In order to get better quality of the die cutting, the operators have to figure out the proper preparation methods, especially the remedy, such as increasing the pressure gradually or filling the pressure by area to remain the sharpness of the die-cutting tool. For the products using many knife edges, it is very important to balance the versions of the die-cutting tool, and then the time of pressure supplement will be significantly reduced in this way. In addition, it is necessary to choose the adhesive tape with different thickness according to the specified requirement of the products, such as the typesetting, the paper board’s quality, etc.

Too many and overlarge connection points
The users always require the connection points to be less and smaller, meanwhile, the producers make the machines run faster all the time, and this really increases more difficulties to the operators. In order to reduce the difficulties, the connection points should be made at the stress points by wire-grinding machine, besides, using stiff sticky tape or cork at the knife edges where the connection points are made to prevent fracture will make the connection points less and smaller as well.

Irregular indentations
Fine indentations are necessary for folding. More importantly, the strength should remain the same while the boxes are operated in the automatic packing machine, therefore it is essential to choose the appropriate indentations at die cutting. In order to get fine indentations to make the boxes easily folded, it is necessary to choose the indentation’s height and width according to the paper’s thickness and stick the proper indentation tape on the die-cutting floor.

Low production speed
The die-cutting machines’ speed of many boxes printing factories are relatively low as 2000~3000pcs/h, however, some can reach up to 7000~7500pcs/h.  Actually, operators can reach high production speed easily by using modern automatic die-cutting machines that is to optimize the production speed by adopting the machines recommended by the equipment suppliers. In addition, this significantly upgrades the products’ quality as well.

High scrap rate
Most of the printing factories have high scrap rate. In fact, scrap occurs at the beginning of the die-cutting adjustment, it can be reduced by using the proper tools and procedures. Besides, the scrap during the operation is made by machine’s shutdown and paper jam and this can be reduced by the proper adjustment and the accurate preparation of the equipments. In addition, manual waste clearing increases scrap rate and lowers profit margins as well.

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