The anti-counterfeit design and printing of packaging boxe


1.    Stick the anti-counterfeit labels on the packaging boxes
Anti-counterfeit mark includes laser holographic anti-counterfeit label, various anti-forgery ink, fluorescence anti-counterfeit label, thermosensitive anti-counterfeit label, phone anti-counterfeit code, etc. Almost all kinds of anti-counterfeit labels can be used for packaging boxes.
2.    Use tamper-evident seal
Using tamper-evident seal is another anti-counterfeit method. For example, the sealing belt of EMS, the packing tape of ROBUST, the sealing label of TongfangPC, the sealing sign of China Sports Lottery distributing equipment, etc.
3.    Use laser holographic film out of the packaging boxes
Adopt the holographic anti-counterfeit image of large format printing and the laser holographic film of the usual special image as the packaging material, or compound the film with the packaging paper. The brands below all use laser holographic film for anti-counterfeit, PHILLIP BULB, the Colgate’s toothpaste of Unilever, the ink’s packaging of EPSON.
4.    Use anti-counterfeit contents put in the packaging boxes
Anti-counterfeit contents include: anti-counterfeit warranty card, anti-counterfeit certificate, anti-counterfeit customer service cards, anti-counterfeit authorization, anti-counterfeit instruction, anti-counterfeit installation guide, anti-counterfeit installation protocol, etc.
     Here are some examples of using anti-counterfeit contents in the packaging boxes: the watermark paper instructions for the Erythromycin Ethylsuccinate Tablets of XiAn Pharmaceutical Factory, the watermark paper instructions for the Only Oral liquid of SH JiaoTong University, the software customer service cards of Whist Science and Technology Company, the software license agreement of Cajinchen, etc.
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