Wine Packaging Boxes

Wine is one kind of liquid product, it is usually packed for sale. Wine packaging boxes will attract your attention first on the shelves in the store. It places an important role in wine sale, especially as attracting the customers, adding value, satisfying the customers’ spiritual needs, consolidating the brand image, etc.

Wine packaging boxes are mainly made of paper at present, such as paper boxes or paper tube. The using of other material such as leather, wood, plastic and metal has increased. But bamboo, willow, weed and other natural material are still uncommon. However, the packaging boxes of some up-market red wine are made of wood to match with its natural qualities and cultural deposits. For example, if you focus on the red wine culture which contains a major part of rural character, you can design the packaging boxes in wooden concept and adopt wood as the major material, if the red wine bottle is frosted quality, you even can put some straw in the packaging boxes to match with it. This design reflects the rich rural culture of the red wine and perfectly combines the wine packaging with the wine culture.

Paper Boxes dominates in all the paper wine packaging boxes, the material is chosen according to the wine’s level:

1. packaging boxes of low-grade wine
a. print on up to 350g whiteboard, plastic covering and forming the die-cutting
b. for some higher grade wine, using 300g whiteboard after glossy paper making, printing on this paper card, plastic covering and forming the die-cutting.

2. packaging boxes of middle-grade wine
Using the 250g~300g aluminum foil card paper(is commonly known as gold card, silver card, copper card, etc.) and about 300g whiteboard after glossy paper making, printing on this paper card, plastic covering and forming the die-cutting.

3. packaging boxes of high-grade wine
  Manual mounting the 3mm~6mm thick cardboard, sticking, forming.

Up-market white wine packaging boxes:

Wooden packaging boxes, metal packaging boxes and boxes made of other material have come into the market, however paper packaging boxes are still the main trend and will even expand more widely in the future. Paper packaging boxes are portable, easily processed and printed, and are environmental friendly with manageability. Nowadays more patterns have been designed printing on the cardboard to match with the designers’ needs. To emphasize, the butter material inside the packaging boxes is paper structure as well in China. E type corrugated board, micro corrugated board, pulp molding paper should be greatly recommended. Micro corrugated board is great-looking and has shock absorption capability so it is suitable for printing. Using the same material for both outer and inner packaging design is recommended, because only one printing block is produced in this way and just need to form once. With this design, the capacity of the packaging box will increase and the production cost will be cut down as well.

Red wine packaging boxes has become more and more representative of the wine packaging boxes’ trends. Red wine has been introduced into China long ago, as an imported product, its packaging is high-demanding. The common red wine packaging boxes are made of wood or leather, the wooden packaging boxes are usually used for some low or middle grade red wine and the leather ones usually match the high grade red wine.

To Occupy The Market By Your Wine Packaging Boxes!
More and more red wine brands have come into the market, how to occupy the sales market has become the primary concern of every red wine producer. An exquisite wine packaging box will help you achieve this goal. It makes your red wine more attractive, unique and impressive. It draws the customers’ attention and reflects the spirit of your product. In this way, the wine packaging boxes will improve the sales and is beneficial to occupy the market. How to make your red wine packaging boxes more visually stunning so as to stimulate the sales? You can start with the issues below:
1. Design: Try different shapes, not only cuboids, drums or bags are available as well. For the paper packaging boxes, because its weight capacity is weak, it is usually used for single packing. Cartons are available for the packing of two or three bottles. But wooden packaging boxes are more common for bottled wine. Mainly adopt simple color. Red, black and gold is classic and is used frequently. One common design is using the dark color as background such as black, dark red, brown and so on with bright logo and other advertising slogans printing on it.

2. Material: PET sheet meets environment protection request of ROSH, is considered as an ideal packaging material.

3. Supplier: Cooperate with a stable supplier. The long and stable cooperation ensures the timeliness, flexibility and stability of the packaging production and is conductive to carry out the red wine selling work, especially when the Mid-Autumn Day, the Chinese New Year and other traditional holidays are coming.

4. Custom design the packaging with your logo for the wine set, this will benefit your brand promotion.

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